Subterranean Séance: The Evidence Speaks...

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In 1752 Ben Franklin gave the whole world his gift of the lightning rod to protect churches, homes, ships and businesses from the recurrent mischief of Mother Nature.

    ⚡--- LIKEWISE ---⚡

I present this extraordinary evidence for you to wrestle with... 

in the sincere hope it will awaken you from slumber and cease your sleepwalk through the fog of ignorance ...

Enter the Light of Truth !!!!

One of Life's Great Mysteries IS Finally Answered:

⚡ We ARE Definitely NOT ALONE !!!  ⚡

    ((((( The Evidence Speaks )))))

My first documentary installment of Genuine Interactions from the Ether ...

Disembodied "Voices" that should NOT be there ... AND upon playback - are heard answering my questions - 

BEFORE - I even ask them !!!!!!!!

Are these timestamped, un-manipulated & raw messages from

the "Great Beyond"...

evidence of an afterlife, spirits, ghosts, angels, aliens, mischievous devils, demons, jinn

                - OR -

Perhaps, they are something altogether "other"  ???

           YOU Decide  !!!!

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Subterranean Séance: The Evidence Speaks...